The searches we conduct are typically for senior, important positions at the nation’s best known and most highly regarded institutions. As a result, our consultants are often sought-out to comment on issues in higher education and our searches are often the subject of media interest. Our consultants are contacted very frequently and have been quoted in such national publications as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Harvard Crimson, Chicago Tribune, Chronicle of Higher Education, The Economist, Trusteeship Magazine, The Boston Globe, Public Purpose, Nature Magazine, Cleveland Plain Dealer, The New Yorker Magazine, and a myriad of other publications. We have provided the web link to a selected number of articles in this section to give you an insight into our firm and consultants and the nature of our work. A number of the articles are quite recent and others may be a little older, but all have been carefully selected to reflect the breadth and reach of our work and to speak to topics of interest. We hope you find these articles interesting.
Mr. Funk authored an article for Trusteeship Magazine which has become the seminal treatise on how Boards should approach Presidential searches. We are frequently asked for copies of this article and are providing the link here for those who wish to read it. (Link to Article)